General Information


This year’s theme: Revive Us Again – Psalms 85:6.

When: Sunday, July 17th to Saturday, July 23rd.

Our website,, is active with 2022 information, and registration will begin in early May. Due to us not having camp for the last two years, we anticipate that registration will fill up quickly.

  • You will use the same login information from prior years to access your camp profile. If you were not at camp in last 7 years, you will need to create a login and remember it for each year.
  • Full Payment is required at the time of registration. We accept AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Please update all information since we have not had camp for the past few years, especially your credit card.
  • ALL registrations received after Friday, July 1st MUST stay off grounds.
  • Cancelations must be received by Noon on Monday, June 27th to the Registrar at in order to receive a refund, less registration fees.
  • Schedules for all (Jr. Dept, Teens, and Adults) have changed. Check the website under the download tab to view the new schedules for 2022 available in a few weeks.
  • Suites MUST be shared by two families. You will need to bring mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets for your children. Please make your arrangements with your suitemates before you both register so you can both put the “suitemate names” on your application when you register.
  • Volunteering: All full-time members are required to volunteer for 2 hours for the week and all teen members for 1 hour. Choirs are not counted as a volunteer position. The registration process will not let converted campers go any further until signed up for at least the minimum required hours of service. Camp operates by volunteers so we need everyone’s help. PLEASE make sure you honor all your volunteer commitments and show up to do the job you choose.
  • Adult Forum information and a PDF form of the booklet will be available to download from the website in a few months.
  • PARENTS: if you cannot come to camp, any child 17 or under will need a guardian. The guardian must be a full time on grounds converted member over the age of 21 and may not have more than 2 children in their care. You need to confirm a guardian prior to registering, and they must be aware and willing to do their part of being a “parent” to your child during camp You will be required to have the name, cell phone number, and email address of the guardian during registration. A medical release and liability waiver is required for each child. These forms will be completed electronically during the registration process. Reach out to if you have any questions on this process.

Check-in will begin Sunday, July 17th at 1:30 pm. You will NOT be able to get into your rooms until after that time. Please do not come early because there are other groups on campus before us.