How to use MyCamp

The MyCamp menu will be customized for your use, depending on your role at camp. Here are some of the main choices you will have.

Log In / Log Out – My Summary – Registration

The Log In/Out is used log in and log out. If you stay logged in when you close the website page, someone going to the site from your computer will be already logged in as you! So to protect your data and everyone else’s, when you leave, come here to log out.

Once you are logged in, you will see a summary of your profile, family, volunteering and credit card information. There are colored buttons to guide you through the process of registration. The red buttons will turn to green as you complete them. The black buttons show/hide details.


This allows you to edit name and address data that is stored, or create it if it does not exist. Data from the past several years at Eastern Camp has been used to populate this area. During creation of the Log In, there was an opportunity to link to these records using your birth date and last name. If you have not yet linked your log in to your data, you will be prompted to create that link. If there is no profile data that exists for you, you will need to create the profile before registering. Please review your profile and the profiles of your family before registering, so you can make any updates that are needed.

My Family

This will allow you to select those people you will be registering. This should be done before starting the applications. Once you add some one to your family, you will be able to use their profile.

My CreditCard

This is where you set up the credit card that you will use to pay for camp. The credit card information is securely stored at the credit card processing site. We can then reference it to make the charges once the registrar reviews and approves the application.


This is where you will request roommates, specify parents/guardians for minors, set up cell phone numbers for use at Camp. Profile, MyFamily, Volunteering and CreditCard activity should be done before coming here, to make the process go smoothly.

My Volunteering

This is where you will choose how you will serve others during Camp week. There are over 900 positions to be filled. Some positions involve a commitment of many hours throughout the week. Some are just an hour or less at a time. Serve where you know your talents are, or stretch yourself to discover new opportunities of service.