Monday Announcements


Again – Welcome

Synchronize watches – (USE CELL PHONE TIME J)

  • Every that you need to know as to where you should be at and at what time is in your Camp Booklet – read it: If you are here for the 1st time and don’t know where to go, just ask a fellow camper and they will direct you.  (Map in middle of booklet)
  • Make sure you understand what is required of you in the Dining Room for meals, and the Gym and every other building.
  • SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR ALL TEENS: Take out your booklets to page 2 and go to your Class area – Your Rooms have been changed due to no AC on the 2nd floor of the EMHS – so listen carefully:
    • Class A – Room 163
    • Class B – Room 160
    • Class C – Room 162
    • Class D – Room 165
    • Class E – Room 155
    • Class F – Room – Dining Room

A quick list of important items

  • Those in the dorms, please make sure that the door to the rooms is UNLOCKED
    • Those in the dorms and have a Key Cards, do not prop open any outside doors for any reason or a piercing alarm will sound.
    • Only those with Key Card to each building are allowed in the buildings. This is for OUR protection. Do not allow anyone that does not have a name tag or key card into our buildings.
    • Remember; please do not park in places that are marked RESERVED, HANDICAPPED, Have Assigned Names on them, or on any grassy area. Park only in designated parking spaces. Tickets will be issued if you park in any undesignated spaces.
    • We are also not allowed to park in the parking lot next to the turf field.
    • ANNOUNCEMENTS will be posted on 2 TVs in the Dining Room during lunch and dinner, so if you miss them in the morning, please check these out as you eat! Also, we are going to repost them ONLINE under the INFORMATION MENU – so you can read them during the day.
    • We have a large number of young children at camp this year – please respect the benches in Lehman labeled “Parents with Young Children” and leave them for parents with children. STROLLERS ARE NOT allowed in Lehman or the Dining Room.
    • Anyone who wishes to sell anything at camp should see me (Joe) to get permission and a spot assigned


A few reminders:

  • We are AGAIN going to be streaming “LIVE” on the internet from Lehman Hall; anything that takes place here in the evenings can been seen by those at home; so, they will be able to be a part of camp.
  • The Recital Hall, downstairs in Lehman, is available to parents or caretakers in the evenings where you can watch the sermon and Inspiration Time on Live streaming. – (but the AC is not working, but there are fans)



Since this is Missionary Day, and we have 3 MISSIONARY FORUMS this morning after classes Bro. Willie Ritzmann – Will introduce the missionaries as he describes the Forums and tells us the location.

  • CLM & NEPO – Main Stage
  • Ghana & Little Hands – Martin Chapel
  • Hope Miniseries and Paraguay

Joe Greeninger:

Afternoon Forums:

  • 1:30 – 2:30 pm – Monday – Friday – Campus Center 201
    Bible Study: “Seven Churches of Revelation” – Erwin Webel, Coordinator
  • 2:00 pm: Sharing Godly Wisdom – (women only) Campus Center 105

Inspiration Time Leaders for this week are:

  • Monday:              Tom Demrovsky
  • Tuesday:              Glen Kasa
  • Wednesday:         Doro Surian
  • Thursday:             Connor Boronka
  • Friday:                  David Au